Intro to Creative Leadership


Leadership in a world of permanent change asks for new skills: empowering, coaching, asking for initiative, stimulating creative thinking, motivating and inspiring others are at the core of your role. In this interactive and practical session you will be introduced to CPS (Creative Problem Solving), a human centered methodology to solve complex problems in a more structured, creative and collaborative way.


The introduction to creative leadership starts with an assessment of your preferences in the creative problem solving process, using the FourSight online tool, which creates individual awareness and improves team dynamics. You will be introduced to the Creative Problem Solving process (CPS) and will experience the importance and benefits of applying diverging and converging thinking when approaching challenges.  You will be equipped with some tools for creative problem solving and be introduced to the dimensions of a creative climate. You will leave empowered with the confidence to be a creative change leader.

For those interested to dive a little deeper, the sequel of the program will take place on March 13 2020, also in Meise (Brussels area).


Strategic leaders
Business developers
Project leaders
Innovation Managers

Anyone who wants to grow his/her own creative thinking skills and unlock the creative potential of their co-workers in order to turn creative ideas into new opportunities.


Date: Friday January 24 2020
Time: from 9 am to 5 pm
Place: Club Office Center, Plasstraat 3, Meise (right at the exit of A12)
Price: 660 EUR excl VAT
Language: Dutch, with support in French & English
Number of participants: maximum 12


  • Your FourSight creative thinking profile + explanatory guide
  • Handy tool book to start using immediately
  • Handouts of the training


“FourSight helped me to step out of my comfort zone and be more confident in taking steps towards ’entrepreneurial behaviour’. “

“I loved the enthusiasm of the trainer, the concrete tools and the fact that we can apply it immediately.”

“CPS is a method that makes you think differently about problems and solutions.  I tested it with my team and it lead to a fantastic result”

“People think too easily that innovation will come naturally if you organize a brainstorming session or two. But innovation requires specialized knowledge and techniques and a disciplined approach. Ouzia brought that knowledge and mindset to our team and it made a big difference!”

“The FourSight Thinking Profile has helped me enormously to understand my own and other people’s behaviours and, as a consequence, has massively improved collaboration.”

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