What kind of creative thinker are you? The FourSight Creative Thinking Profile measures your preferred thinking style for the different parts of the creative and innovative process.

Awareness about your thinking style helps to

  • Know yourself better, your strengths & areas of development
  • Understand other people better, why they do what they do, improve communication, & collaboration, handle friction
  • Know your team profile: understand your team dynamics and optimize them

FourSight enhances collaboration, problem solving and creative thinking, supports the people side of innovation and contributes significantly to team performance.

The objective of the 2-hour group debriefing session is to reveal your personal thinking profile, and to introduce you to the overall principles of the Creative Problem Solving Process (CPS).


Date: Friday September 11
Time: 15-17 h CET
Price: 125 EUR excl VAT
Language: English
Number of participants: maximum 12

Upfront we will send you an email with the details to fill out the online questionnaire.


Your personal creative thinking profile and a 25-pages booklet with the explanation of all the profiles, how to innovate with others and how to build better teams


“I loved the enthusiasm of the trainer, the concrete tools and the fact that we can apply it immediately.”

“CPS is a method that makes you think differently about problems and solutions.  I tested it with my team and it lead to a fantastic result”

“People think too easily that innovation will come naturally if you organize a brainstorming session or two. But innovation requires specialized knowledge and techniques and a disciplined approach. Ouzia brought that knowledge and mindset to our team and it made a big difference!”

“The FourSight Thinking Profile has helped me enormously to understand my own and other people’s behaviours and, as a consequence, has massively improved collaboration.”