When you solve problems creatively, there are four distinct phases:
Clarify: This is where you gather information about your challenge and figure out the right problem to solve.
Ideate: Here’s where you come up with lots of possible solutions to your question.
Develop: Now you take the best ideas and craft them into good solutions.
Implement: This is where your come up with a plan to launch your solution, gather support, overcome obstacles and learn as you go.

In this session you will learn several techniques to generate ideas, a lot of ideas.  The more ideas you generate, the bigger the chance one of these ideas is a truly original and out-of the-box one. We use several techniques which will surprise you and give you some insights in how to run a great ideation session. We will explain how to set aside our critical inner and defer judgment. We learn on how to evaluate ideas and choose the most relevant or breakthrough one.

In 1943, after taking photographs for a full day, Edwin Land ’s three-year-old daughter asked why she had to wait for the film to be processed.  Land considered the question and, after much experimentation, came up with the Polaroid camera. Ideas can come from unexpected sources…


Date: Friday September 25
Time: 15-17 h CET
Price: 60 EUR excl VAT
Language: English
Number of participants: maximum 12


A handy digital tool book to start using immediately


“I loved the enthusiasm of the trainer, the concrete tools and the fact that we can apply it immediately.”

“CPS is a method that makes you think differently about problems and solutions.  I tested it with my team and it lead to a fantastic result”

“People think too easily that innovation will come naturally if you organize a brainstorming session or two. But innovation requires specialized knowledge and techniques and a disciplined approach. Ouzia brought that knowledge and mindset to our team and it made a big difference!”

“The FourSight Thinking Profile has helped me enormously to understand my own and other people’s behaviours and, as a consequence, has massively improved collaboration.”