Build an entrepreneurial mindset

How did an industrial company instigate more entrepreneurial behaviour?


To keep up with the increased competitive pressure, this company* wanted more entrepreneurial behaviour and ownership throughout the entire organisation, stimulating initiative-taking.

(*An industrial company, subsidiary of a global concern, with 100 employees in Belgium)


After developing a deep understanding of their challenge, we co-created a multi-dimensional program with Creative Problem Solving as the core framework.

We started with introducing the framework and explaining people’s creative thinking preferences. We combined an intensive training program for the leadership team with regular sessions for all other teams. The leadership team started to apply the tools into the existing processes of the organisation (meetings, prioritizing, planning, execution, etc) and we coached them to practice the newly acquired skills.  We stimulated the entire organisation to actively speak the language of the framework.


The creative problem solving framework process and tools were embedded in the organisation as a new way of working.  By using this framework and the new common language consistently, leaders and teams developed a new mindset and dared to take more initiative.  In line with the initial challenge, the competitive position improved.



“Fantastic how creative problem solving supports us in creating an open atmosphere within our organisation. This means a real help in building entrepreneurial teams.”


“This project made me realise that assertive, entrepreneurial, constructive and positive behaviour can help transform a traditional company into a more congenial workplace. I see small changes in the way we deal with each other, which is actively supported by the management team.”


“The awareness about my creative thinking preferences has helped me to step out of my comfort zone in a brave and gutsy manner, taking steps towards entrepreneurial behaviour.”



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