Ingrid De Clercq




“I am a free spirit, curious, adventurous, open and positive. My inquisitive nature, deep interest for people and why they do what they do make me a patient listener and perceptive sounding board who gets to the essence before drawing conclusions. All of this flavoured with an infectious enthusiasm, boundless energy and a big smile.”

Ingrid has over 20 years’ experience in projects involving the building out of entrepreneurial cultures, developing, launching and coaching innovation programmes for larger corporations besides guiding young, innovative companies to a model of self-management. She brings her expertise with start-ups to established companies and vice versa. Ingrid lectures on team composition for entrepreneurial teams at Imperial College, London, the University of Brussels (VUB) and Erasmus College in Brussels.

She has been a keynote speaker on Creative Thinking, ‘How to make Innovation work’, Culture Change and Building Futureproof Organisations in Belgium, the Netherlands, Canada, Romania and Pakistan.

Ingrid has a Graduate Certificate in Creativity and Change Leadership from the International Center for Studies in Creativity, of the State University of New York, Buffalo, is a FourSight Master Trainer in Mindset Certification and a certified MBTI-trainer Type I & II.

… And if she’s not working, Ingrid loves to travel off the beaten path and discover authentic cultures.


Two roads diverged in a wood, and I, I took the one less traveled by. And that has made all the difference.

Robert Frost

Kim Compeers



“I am an open-minded, humorous and down-to-earth coach for organizations, teams and individuals. I facilitate the necessary conditions and climate in order to achieve maximum potential. I strongly believe that it is crucial in these times for businesses to be innovative and adaptive to rapid changes. An organisation that adopts an organic way of working, where the structure is flexible, the people mature to take responsibilities and to receive trust has the right culture to stimulate creativity and entrepreneurship.”

Kim’s background as HR generalist and coach helps her to quickly translate strategy into a pragmatic and creative way of working where people are curious to get to know each other, eager to stretch themselves, able to work based on trust, dare to differ from each other and name and appreciate those differences and to see “failure” as an opportunity to learn and grow.

She built up her HR experience in a variety of roles for companies of all size, from start-ups to multinationals. In addition, she provides career coaching for individuals under the banner of her own consultancy “Captain & Stoker”.

Kim studied Human Resource at KdG University College and HR Management at Antwerp Management School, has a coaching certification of “Inspirerend coachen” by Jef Clement, a certificate of “Organization Coach” by Philippe Bailleur and is a certified FourSight trainer.

… And when she is not working – nor spending precious time with her children (and personal coaches) Fill and Trix – you may find Kim on a surfboard, perfecting riding those waves!


You can’t change the waves, but you can learn how to surf.

Mark Harling



“I am a resourceful, intuitive, and creative professional who helps people make the choices that will contribute to reaching their ambitions. I hold a passion for improving strategies, systems and organisations. I consider each organisation I work with to be a living system and I aspire to help its people to grow and flourish. I ask tough questions, whilst bringing depth and reassurance to my clients. My signature laughter signals that I’m in the building.”

Mark has over 20 years’ experience in numerous industries in the fields of continuous improvement and organisational transformation. He has worked with real people, humans from the shop floor to the executive suit, helping them achieve their goals through problem solving, and coaching. Mark has guided large scale management transformations and initiatives of self-management.

Mark specialises in corporate strategy and transformation through culture change, helping organisations to evolve towards new natural habits of thinking and doing. He uses applied creativity and complexity theory to support his work on social innovation. Mark also provides personal development and therapy services to individual and group clients, specialising in the LeaderSherpa® program, helping those in leaderships positions reach desired visions and ambitions.

Mark has a Bachelor of MechAnical Engineering from the University of Bath and a Master of Science in Engineering Management from the Eastern Michigan University. He is a qualified therapist and supervisor in the Person-Centred Approach and a certified Lego® Serious Play® facilitator. Mark is also certified in a number of coaching tools like emotional intelligence, Gallup Strengths, Cognitive Process Profile, etc.

… And when he’s not working, Mark enjoys all-weather long distance motorcycling and is member of the Iron Butt Association (1600 km in 24 hours).


If you want flowers in your garden, you don’t need to think flowers, you need to think soil, manure, water, sunlight. None of them look like flowers but if you take care of that,
flower is a consequence. 


Anneleen De Clercq



“Belgian roots, a London home, a global soul, universal interests and an eternal love for life….that pretty much sums me up. I am deeply fascinated by people, their stories and what makes them tick, which makes it quite easy for me to connect, engage and empathise.

I have an analytical, pragmatic and flexible mindset, a positive spirit and oodles of energy. I try to approach each day with wonder and an open mind, as it generates innumerable opportunities for exploring and learning.”

Anneleen worked in the corporate world in Switzerland and the UK in a variety of roles before retraining as a clinical hypnotherapist and breath coach. The major focus of her therapy and coaching is on helping people to reconnect to their centre and regain their inner equilibrium, the optimal place from which to achieve success and fulfillment on all levels.

In addition to providing coaching and facilitating FourSight workshops, Anneleen supports Ouzia in a strategic and operational capacity.

She has a Masters in Applied Economics from the University of Antwerp, a diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy and additional certifications and specialisations that support her therapy and coaching work. She is also a Reiki Master and has been a certified FourSight trainer for over 5 years. At the moment Anneleen is collaborating with King’s College London and lectures on wellbeing and psychological flexibility to postgraduate finance students.

Anneleen’s favourite place in the house is the kitchen, where she combines her love for travel and food. From bread and baba ghanoush to curries and crumbles…


We are stars wrapped in skin. The light you have been seeking has always been within.

Joelle Hellebaut



“I am an energetic, leadership and positive mindset coach, passionate about people, their conscious and unconscious beliefs, behaviours and feelings. In my coaching conversations, I guide my clients to dive deeper in their capabilities of what they truly want, who they are, what they can and will do to reach their highest authentic success.  I am convinced that focussing on the unique strengths and talents people have is the key for obtaining flow in their  professional and personal life. “

Employing techniques and methodologies from NLP and positive psychology, Joelle’s aim is to bring people in movement, out of their comfort zone, whilst increasing their awareness to the limiting beliefs that are holding them back in reaching their goals. In certain coaching programs she introduces breathing and mindful techniques to create extra space in the mind, which stimulates extra creativity and focus in the brain.

Joelle worked for over 27 years as a business manager and sales director for large medical multinationals;  her experience, having worked with sales teams and all layers of an organisation, helps her now to quickly understand a business context and recognise team dynamics.

Joelle is a certified professional coach, a certified stress and burnout coach, member of the VESB, and a certified career planning coach.  She obtained her certificates in renowned coaching centres such as Better Minds at Work, Your coach and Systo. In addition, Joelle is a certified Yoga instructor, focussing on breath work and traditional Hatha yoga.

… And if she is not working, you can find Joelle on her yoga mat, running on the beach, cooking a recipe from Ottolenghi or reading a good book.


Whatever you hold in your mind on a consistent basis is exactly what you will experience in your life.

Tony Robbins

Why Ouzia?

OUZIA comes from “ousia,” a term used in ancient Greek philosophy by Aristotle.  In short, ousia means “become what can be,” to realize your potential to self-actualize.

And that is what OUZIA is all about: ensuring people and organisations reach their full potential, and grow into the strongest and healthiest versions of themselves, equipping them to thrive with confidence in a quickly changing environment.

The complexity of the challenges faced by organisations often runs ahead of their ability to address them. We bring a thinking framework that is simple enough to be taught to all layers of your organisation and sophisticated enough to tackle audacious challenges.  We unlock employee creativity, entrepreneurship and innovation, embed it in the company processes and match the outcomes to the company goals. Together, we will create an open-minded, bold, solution-focused organisation, ready to face the future.

“We cannot solve our problems from the same level of thinking that created them.”  Einstein
Greek philosophy

How Aristotle describes “ousia”  in his work Categories is so meaningful that we love to share it – in our own words.

The soul is what puts matter in motion from the inside out—what makes it live. Matter in itself is not structured (even if it looks that way) and is one aspect of what Aristotle defines as”‘ousia”.

The second aspect of ousia is “form”, which is not the physical form but the description of how “matter” will behave and move.

The third aspect of ousia links the form to the matter, makes it move and brings it to life.

When we apply this concept to humans, it translates as follows: our body (ousia, the form) is a composition of atoms and chemical processes (ousia, the matter) that needs an operating system (ousia, the soul) to be able to function, to move, to live, to BE.

What if we apply this to an organisation? An organisation (ousia, the form) is a composition of people, products, buildings, structures, processes, etc. (ousia, the matter) that needs a purpose and a culture (ousia, the soul) to be able to function and come to full realisation.

And that is what we do with OUZIA: we work with you on the three ousias to make sure that your people and your organisation reach their full potential and grow into the strongest and healthiest versions of themselves.

become what can be