Who we are

OUZIA was founded by three women who, while working together on an innovative project at a large corporation, recognized a common passion for creative thinking and the impact it can have on the people, teams and organisation.  This passion caused them to ask, “How might we help other organisations through creative thinking and creative problem solving?”

Together, Ingrid, Sarah and Ann bring unparalleled skills, creativity and experience to advise your company and teams in becoming what can be.

Chief Creativity Driver

“Don’t ask for permission, ask for forgiveness”

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Chief Creativity Accelerator

‘Two roads diverged in a wood, I took the one less travelled by, And that has made all the difference’

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Chief Ideator

‘Use your imagination as your ally, not as your enemy’

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Why Ouzia?

OUZIA comes from “ousia,” a term used in ancient Greek philosophy by Aristotle.  In short, ousia means “become what can be,” to realize your potential to self-actualize.

And that is what OUZIA is all about: ensuring people and organisations reach their full potential, and grow into the strongest and healthiest versions of themselves, equipping them to thrive with confidence in a quickly changing environment.

The complexity of the challenges faced by organisations often runs ahead of their ability to address them. We bring a thinking framework that is simple enough to be taught to all layers of your organisation and sophisticated enough to tackle audacious challenges.  We unlock employee creativity, entrepreneurship and innovation, embed it in the company processes and match the outcomes to the company goals. Together, we will create an open-minded, bold, solution-focused organisation, ready to face the future.

“We cannot solve our problems from the same level of thinking that created them.”  Einstein
Greek philosophy

How Aristotle describes “ousia”  in his work Categories is so meaningful that we love to share it – in our own words.

The soul is what puts matter in motion from the inside out—what makes it live. Matter in itself is not structured (even if it looks that way) and is one aspect of what Aristotle defines as”‘ousia”.

The second aspect of ousia is “form”, which is not the physical form but the description of how “matter” will behave and move.

The third aspect of ousia links the form to the matter, makes it move and brings it to life.

When we apply this concept to humans, it translates as follows: our body (ousia, the form) is a composition of atoms and chemical processes (ousia, the matter) that needs an operating system (ousia, the soul) to be able to function, to move, to live, to BE.

What if we apply this to an organisation? An organisation (ousia, the form) is a composition of people, products, buildings, structures, processes, etc. (ousia, the matter) that needs a purpose and a culture (ousia, the soul) to be able to function and come to full realisation.

And that is what we do with OUZIA: we work with you on the three ousias to make sure that your people and your organisation reach their full potential and grow into the strongest and healthiest versions of themselves.

become what can be