These are our open online trainings.  They can also be given in house, customized to your needs.

Discover Your FourSight Creative Thinking profile

Friday September 11
What kind of creative thinker are you? The FourSight Creative Thinking Profile measures your preferred thinking style for the different parts of the creative and innovative process. You will discover your personal profile and its advantages, and will be introduced to the basic principles of the Creative Problem Solving Process.

How to better clarify a problem

Friday September 18
We learn how to make a clear diagnosis of what is happening and how to identify crucial information. We explore how to determine the desired results so that we can formulate a precise challenge statement.

How to generate new and original ideas

Friday September 25
You will learn several techniques to generate ideas, a lot of ideas. The more ideas you generate, the bigger the chance one of these ideas is a truly original and out-of the-box one. We learn on how to evaluate ideas and choose the most relevant or breakthrough one.

How to develop and implement a solution

Friday October 2
You will learn techniques on how to get from one or several chosen ideas to one or several workable solutions. How can you make a solution even stronger, create more depth and detail? How do we build a well thought out plan? What will help and hinder us and how do we deal with resistance

Become a creative thinking champion

Friday September 11, 18, 25 & October 2
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