I am an energetic, pragmatic and respected leader who can easily enthusiasm a crowd. My goal has been to build strong teams that deliver creative, innovative solutions and realize business results. Today I use this experience to guide organisations to develop their people’s creative and entrepreneurial mindset.

Driven by my intrinsic curiosity, I made it my mission to unlock my team members’ potential. Helping people discovering new horizons, growing beyond their own imagination, gives me tons of energy. To do so, I have been using the framework of creative problem solving, that enables people to think in options instead of limitations, look beyond the obvious, solve problems creatively and embrace ambiguity.

My background as a strategic marketer in different companies in complex domains, helps me to quickly understand a business context.  I have managed the development and launch of a breakthrough innovative service, launched successful product innovations, designed, promoted and implemented several communication and branding strategies for local and global icon brands. I developed several strategies to drive businesses.

Using my experience in corporate contexts, I love to facilitate and coach executives, people and teams to unlock their creative potential.  I, myself, am inspired by a participative leadership style and innovative organisational designs.