Yes, I am curious, adventurous, a free spirit, open and positive. I am interested in people, how they function, why they do what they do, diplomatic but also severe for nonsense. I am inquisitive and a patient listener until I have a deep understanding, and then get into action.  All this flavoured with a lot of dynamism and a big smile.

I have worked in the field of innovation and creativity for more than 15 years. I have set up programs for innovation, coached intrapreneurial teams and start ups, and brought about culture change in numerous organisations.

I experienced myself and therefore deeply believe that the principles of creativity help us to thrive in an uncertain world.  They teach us to open our mind, defer judgment, deconstruct complexity and as such help us to embrace ambiguity. That is why I am so passionate to bring these concepts to organisations.   And it really works: so often I’ve seen the amazing effect on a group of people who slowly but surely learn to think in options instead of limitations, take initiative and (calculated) risks, generate novel ideas and bring them to implementation.  Once they weave the principles into their daily practices, it not only changes them as a person, but it also makes their work more effective.  That makes me really happy! And I’ve heard that my energy and big smile are contagious ;-).

Since 2012 I am a yearly guest lecturer on the topic of entrepreneurial team composition at Imperial College, London and the University of Brussels (VUB).

As a keynote speaker, I talked about How to make Innovation work in Belgium and Holland, about Building Future Organisations in Canada and Roumania, and about Culture Change in Pakistan.   I was a facilitator at creativity & innovation conferences in Holland, France, Italy, Canada and Pakistan.