Mark Harling

“I am a resourceful, intuitive, and creative professional who helps people make the choices that will contribute to reaching their ambitions. I hold a passion for improving strategies, systems and organisations. I consider each organisation I work with to be a living system and I aspire to help its people to grow and flourish. I ask tough questions, whilst bringing depth and reassurance to my clients. My signature laughter signals that I’m in the building.”

Mark has over 20 years’ experience in numerous industries in the fields of continuous improvement and organisational transformation. He has worked with real people, humans from the shop floor to the executive suit, helping them achieve their goals through problem solving, and coaching. Mark has guided large scale management transformations and initiatives of self-management.

Mark specialises in corporate strategy and transformation through culture change, helping organisations to evolve towards new natural habits of thinking and doing. He uses applied creativity and complexity theory to support his work on social innovation. Mark also provides personal development and therapy services to individual and group clients, specialising in the LeaderSherpa® program, helping those in leaderships positions reach desired visions and ambitions.

Mark has a Bachelor of MechAnical Engineering from the University of Bath and a Master of Science in Engineering Management from the Eastern Michigan University. He is a qualified therapist and supervisor in the Person-Centred Approach and a certified Lego® Serious Play® facilitator. Mark is also certified in a number of coaching tools like emotional intelligence, Gallup Strengths, Cognitive Process Profile, etc.

… And when he’s not working, Mark enjoys all-weather long distance motorcycling and is member of the Iron Butt Association (1600 km in 24 hours).

If you want flowers in your garden, you don’t need to think flowers, you need to think soil, manure, water, sunlight. None of them look like flowers but if you take care of that,
flower is a consequence.